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Meat Claws......Oh Yes . If you are in to grilling, BBQ and even home cooking and have ever tried to shred meat with two forks or knife, you know just how long this process can take. 

Well we got to try out the incredible Cave Tools- Meat Handling Claws and for us we run a very large catering business that deals with alot of meat. 

Actually you can say big pieces of meat- like whole hogs roasting. When it comes time to slit open our little Lucie's and pull the pork, it can be a daunting challenge , especially at BBQ Festivals when you have a huge line of hungry folks waiting to eat.

The Meat Claws, do the job in rapid speed. Shred the pork to nice pieces for BBQ Pork Sandwiches and more.. They are also incredible for taking off meat from the grills, out of a pan. You can use them to lift, shred, pull. Phenomenal product for outdoor or indoor cooking. 

You can lift your whole roasted turkey right out of the pan to platter for nice presentation, no more working about using two people with assorted spatulas and more, and pray that Tom the Turkey makes it to the platter with out splitting or dropping for that matter. 

We found we can even grab hot baked potatoes right off the grill to and corn on the cob, so much. Gosh this is making me hungry again !  These babies with stand heat up to  450°F .

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