Rid Your Smelly Washing Machine Odors with " Smelly Washer Cleaner" #smellywasher

Disclosure: This blog received products mentioned for no charge for testing and review purposes. Regardless, all reviews and opinions are my own. 

When asked to try out " Smelly Washer Cleaner" I was pretty excited. I have been fighting with a constant odor in my front loader. Ive sprayed it tried many things. I was pretty impressed with the results of the Smelly Washer Cleaner. Super easy product to use and seemed to remove the annoying odor, however I did do it twice , but considering I have been dealing with an odor issue for a while, it did the trick and worked. I used one cap full and ran an empty run cycle. Did the trick for me. This has 24 treatments to one bottle

Smelly Washer is an all natural crystallized powder the consistency of coarse table salt

How to Use:
  • Use to remove odor at the source by adding a cap full (1 tbsp.) to a hot wash cycle.
Use in:
  •  HE or Regular Clothes Washers
  • Stainless and Plastic Tub Dishwashers for AMAZING CLEANING!
  • Shower, Tubs, Tile
Product Details.... 
  • Size:  12 oz, 24+ treatments for a Full Year of Cleaning
  • Use in HE or Regular Clothes Washers or any Dishwasher
  • All Natural, Odor-Free and Septic-Safe
  • Use with or without detergent, with or without laundry
  • Great preventive maintenance to keep odor away
  • Order online Here of for a List of Retailers like Hyvee and more HERE 

They also sent me a bottle of their Smelly Towel Cleaner to try out also . Really who has not forgotten that load of towel in the washer, only to discover when you open it up you have to rewash it, and sometimes a few times to get the odor out of it.

Well it just so happened that I had some blankets that needed to be brought up from the basement totes and washed for winter use. We all know how they get musty.  I was trying my best to get that musty smell out of from the basement. So I thought I would give this a try on the blankets. I noticed first thing it had a very citrus smell to it. 
Following the directions to use

  • Add 1 level cap (1 tbsp) to a full load of stinky laundry in any HE or regular clothes washer and complete a normal wash cycle . More extreme cases may need to repeat and/or soak to remove odor.  Do not use on new dark colored items as fading may occur.  
  • Use without detergent to remove odor.  Use just a 1/2 tsp with detergent to prevent mold odor*, soften towels and make them more absorbent and fluffier without using chemicals!   Boost detergent effectiveness and brighten colors with this customer favorite
1 cap full in place of your laundry detergent and wash in hot water. To my surprise, it worked. It still had a faint musty smell. So I did a second wash and it was gone. But this is an item I was going to toss in the trash if I could not get the odor out.

Product Description  
  • Size:  12 oz provides 24+ Treatments,  Smelly Towel Cleaner additive is an all- natural laundry odor eliminator
  • Light garden scent our customers love!
  • Prevent odor from returning while making your towels fluffier and more absorbent
  • Ideal to remove odor trapped in the rubber gaskets, above the splash line where cleaning cycles can’t reach and deeper inside the unit
  • Order online Here of for a List of Retailers like Hyvee and more HERE