OMG!!! Why Your CPAP a Breeding Ground for Bacteria and Mold????

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In my many years as working in the field in medical , I have seen many people NOT Clean their CPAP items and I go into my OCD Mode as a Nurse !!! Yukk,  Yukk and More Yukk, peeps you are setting yourself up for some mighty nice infections. I have seen people get sinus infection after another and when you dig deep you discover the problem. Unsanitary CPAP Mask that are not cleaned build up on dirt, oils  bacteria and germs are not seen by the eye but boy do they grow at a rapid pace.

OK so I know your already dealing with the annoying CPAP Machine, hoses that twist and masks you would like to toss across the room every night. And taking the time to do a rigorous cleaning can be exhausting. But what if I told you that there is something you can use that's as easy as popping a top and a wipe down. No more of that big routine!

They are convenient for daily cleaning, and really take just less than a minute ! They are safe and made with natural ingredients, Alcohol and Latex Free. Made of pure cotton and so very gentle on your hands and face. ! Like I said they come in a convenient pop up container. Easy to store and take with you when you travel. Pop one out,. give a nice wipe down and toss and your ready to go. Seriously - less than 30 seconds a day to prevent costly and horrible illness that will cost you time from work, doctor visits and feeling miserable. This was the Citrus Scented and it was a nice pleasant smell and it does fade really fast, so you do not have to worry about a lingering scent. 

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