Reusable Clip-on Shopping Bags – set of 5 with convenient carry pack bag ! Totally the best Bags #essebags #ad

I am big on using shopping bags for all of my outing trips, to shopping malls, grocery stores and quick pick ups at the produce market. One thing that I always do ( hanging my head) is I forget them at home ( argg). But that problem is now solved with and their wide variety of ones, just check out this set of Set of 5  Reusable Clip-on Shopping Bags,  with convenient carry pack bag ! So convenient you can just pop it in your purse and always have them with you! 

This is the PERFECT solution for me - one no more trying to store all the different ones from stores that we purchase and take up a large space in my laundry room.

  • No more forgetting them at home ! 
  • When you finish shopping, unload your groceries , its so easy to put them all in the Carry pack and pop in your purse. 

They're helpful for more than just grocery stores, I like to take mine to the drug store and even clothes and shoe stores, too.  We use them to help pack for car trips, particularly for things that we will want access to in the car, like food and stuffed animals.  

This person who created this gets the mommy shopping award in my opinion. 

About The Bag...

* Our clip-on bag folds into a tiny 1″ x 2.5″ packet but can hold 3 bottles of wine, your take out dinner, or a quick load of groceries.
* Unfolded size is 9″ x 12″, and it can hold 20 pounds.
* They close with their own attached elastic band – no pouch to keep up with!
* Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!
* Machine wash, line dry
* Store them in the included pack-it bag, or clip one to your purse, car keys or belt loop.
* Bonus pack-it bag is 5-1/2″ x 6″, and closes with a draw string and carabiner clip. It will hold 4 produce bags, snacks, playing cards, dice games, or other small items.
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