Q-Swap never be without power on your cell - GREAT Mothersday Gift

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#qswap  never be without power on your cell #ad. Incredible product that charges so fast, easy to carry and had a back up charger. This has been a life saver for me. Grab one today and will make an incredible #Mothersday or #Fathersday #Gift. Or stuff in your hunny #Easter Basket. 2 Day Free Shipping with Amazon Prime !!! 

MY Experience and Review: 
Q-Swap Review

Qswap - comes with 2 separate batteries, for charging. Their is one housing unit that the batter slides and snaps into- can only charge 1 device at a time, the way it comes.

They are very easy to use. Small & easily portable. Great for travel and long plane flights or to have on hand for a day at the beach. They are very fast at recharging. You do get at least 3 recharges per battery.
Is a light indicators to tell you when it's fully charged or needs charging. Great to have in any emergency kit or car. It's a very intuitive design, most could easily use it without any instructions.

Cons: I would like to see in a future design a clearly labeled or color coded area, surrounding where the cord plugs in. It would make it easier to use, that very 1st time when you go to charge it.

Also I would recommend an extra port, so that more than one device can charge at a time.
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