Day # 1 " Baby Foot" Documentary. .. Baby Foot Is Weird, Grossest and no Best Thing EVER!!!

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Day # 1 " Baby Foot" Documentary. .. Baby Foot Is Weird, Grossest ,Yet the Best Thing EVER!!!  finally testing out Baby Foot.. Baby Foot is a chemical peel for your feet. Just know that going in. Things are about to get real this week on the page and really, really gross. But, the BEST kind of gross...I'm going to document this endeavor that takes up to 10 days to transform my knarly feet into divine heaven...

So Tonight after soaking my tootsies in some Epsom salts for 30 minutes, drying and putting on the gel infused chemical peel booties. And sitting for 1&1/2 hours. I've been reading !! Package says 1 hour but advisor​ user pros say go 80-90 minutes for best results.

Honestly - just felt a bit cool and  squishy, no irritation.. After 90 minutes - I removed the booties and washed off my feet.. I'm refraining from applying lotion till this process is done..I mean , it's a chemical peel for your feet- goal is to remove all those nasty dead skin layers that cause ugly dry cracked feet and heels.

From what I have read, this is better than any Spa Pedi by far for $20 bucks!! With that, count me in. 30 Years of yukky feet to baby soft feet- maybe I can land that foot model job after all ( joke) !!

So here we are with Day#1BabyFoot , and pictures of my feet before ..Oh Boy , don't look if feet bother you..

See you Tomorrow for Day#2 and each day ( up to 10) as I document my journey with Baby Foot , so be sure to book mark this blog and come back daily for " as my feet find youth again,"!!