Sprititually Cleaning Your Space with #7Chakra Inscence

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Anyone who knows me, knows I a huge lover of clearing and balancing my Chakras. I was recently sent this incredible set of 140 Chakra Inscence. Now there are 7 packs , one for each of your chakras and 20 of each.

What I liked most is, they do what they say. Each BURNS FOR 60 MINUTES. This is great for meditation and yoga. Very well scented and for me work wonderful. I used them today while spiritually cleaning my space ( home) . If you haven't experienced that. See below about that as well !!

The fragrant oils used these Chakras Incense sticks are created from the best essential oils of magnificent quality, superior aromatic herbs and flowers of exquisite fragrance, botanical resins, rare woods and exotic spice These are some of our state of the art natural fragrant oil blends.


Keeping your home and space spiritually cleansed is a must.

Why Do I Do This?
I am cleaning not just things in our home, but the energy as well for healing of the body mind and spirit. We must constantly work at things to stay in that place. Start forgetting or skipping, you will soon feel the ugly energy's creaping in around you, that will throw you off balance in many ways.

What Do I Use?

Lemons, , Rose , Floral Water and tea tree oil- not your customary bottle of store bought cleaners. First of all, keeping with natural things in my home is important to the air we breath.

WHY Lemons?
Yellow is a ‘sun’ color. It makes us feel happy and optimistic. This is how I want my family to feel  and those we invite into our sacred space. It lifts the soul. It is cheerful, joyful, friendly. It helps you go through changes. 
Lemon is a natural cleanser with qualities of purification and love. The lemon symbolizes the human heart, light and love. Lemon is known to bring in feelings of healing and love in addition to calming and a sense of well-being.
So, with this in mind, it seems only fitting that lemon would be the ideal agent to help me with energetic and spiritual home cleansing. 
I admit, I have to be in a spiritual place to do this. Normally when alone, a  few moments to meditate. It's important to hold intent the entire time that the purpose is to cleanse energy, ridding and washing away negative energies for the highest good. Ask for divine protection.V Visualize and feel the negative, heavy issues being washed away.
TEA-Tree Oil- is a great antibacterial and anticeptic naturally. 
BEFORE I begin
Light a Candle and start some Chakra Inscence such as  frankienscence. Spend a few moments in prayer and setting my intentions. 
Pick up all Clutter, toss garbage and things taking up space not needed. 
Put things away, organize. I start in the main living area and work from room to room, changing bed sheets , toss in washer with all towels laying around, empty garbage, dishwashers. Clear off tables and space. If it doesn't belong , move it out where it goes. Have a place designated for things. I bathroom, closets, etc. Clear your space and floors 

Prepare your cleansing wash... Such as mine

Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rose Water or Floral Water, Tea tree Oil. ( All of what I make)  Mix and bless it and set the intention. I NORMALLY MAKE 2 BATCHES . The last is for walls and floors. And one for Windows ( minus the oil) with a tad of vinegar to replace the tea tree oil in a spray bottle..
OPEN Windows...
Then I start in each room ( bathroom last) and wash everything down. Removing dirt, and banishing energy out . 
I finish with the floor wash! 

It is amazing how "Light" the energy on your home or office will feel. 
Finish by lighting some sage and walk from room to room as a final clearing and prayer. 
Feel the cleansing, feel the love, feel the gunk wash away. Bring in the light and love. Surround yourself in light and love. See and feel bright yellow, golden light as you do this.
If you have other essences, lavender or chamomile, make nice additions and helpers although, not necessary.
Any of this can be tailored as desired. The important thing is the intent and feeling of cleansing and restoration.
Have fun, and know that you are spiritually cleaning all aspects of your home, not just the things but the energy .