Zone-365 Postpartum Belly Band Maternity Belt #ad

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Belly bands really do assist and help during and after pregnancy. They help support the extra weight on the pelvic area. This one is very light weight and easy to get on and off. I found the material to be very supportive and will be great for my daughters pregnancy as well during and after. The stitching is very durable as well as the Velcro bands that can accommodate many sizes. Stays in place also.

About Product:
It takes another person to know what you are going through. The Zone-365 Postpartum Belly Band Maternity Belt is specially designed by a Mommy Doctor who has undergone the same pain and discomfort of pregnancy. Knowing the pain points matters a lot to properly develop a support pad that suits every mother and their belly size through the course of 9 month and the postpartum period.

The Maternity Belt is a very elastic belly girdle that expands and shrinks easily, following the shape of the belly but providing the proper compression without bringing any strain. The fabric is breathable, allowing air to flow through, keeping your skin freshly dry as it absorbs sweat.