Natrogix Bliss Essential Oil Set Review!! #Natrogixessentialoil

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I totally love Natrogix Bliss Essential Oil Set for a variety of things and have been using them for sometime now. At first. But the MOST Important thing is to make sure they are certified pure grade like

You can apply them directly onto your skin, inhaling, or use through a diffuser. I use them for health and wellness as well as cleaning, laundry and love that I am using a green product.

Some of My Favorite Ways to use Essential Oils.. 

  1. All-purpose cleaner: I will make a combo adding 4 drops of lemon oil and tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Then simply shake and use to disinfect my counter tops, sinks and appliances naturally. Works great and smells great too.
  2. Laundry - in place of softeners I will add about 10 drops of any oil to a load of wash for a natural clean scented smell. Or for the Dryer I will add 5 drops to a wool fabric drying ball, and if you do not have that - a clean old sock will do the trick !
  3. Shower curtain scum: Add about 5 drops each of eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree Oil and shake, spray onto shower curtain lines for a natural mold killing action.
  4. Bathroom Air freshener - take a cotton ball and soak it with lemon grass oil, put behind your toilet for natural bathroom freshener. Lasts for a good month for me
  5. Spot Free Dishes - add a few drops of lemon or orange oil to your dishwasher or rinse water if hand washing for spot free dishes and glasses.
  6. Stuffy Noses and colds and cough. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a diffuser in your child's room. I also have put a drop on my finger and rubbed behind my kids ears and  clears up stuffy noses and calms coughs fast.
  7. Arthritis Relief- Mix in a few drops of wintergreen, cypress and Lemon Grass an unscented lotion. Then simply massage into affected areas, Works great on my knee pain and hand pain.
  8. Poison Oak or Poison Ivy - in an unscented oil such as coconut oil, add in 4 drops Peppermint Oil apply to affected area.
  9. Stress Buster - I love to add Lavender Oil to my baths and just soak away the stress! 
  10. Muscle Spasms and Aches - this past week my fiancee had surgery to his hip and one post-op issue that is common is muscle spasms. I have been applying this Rosemary Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil and has done wonders to reduce and relive his muscle spasms. !! 

About Natrogix Bliss Essential Oil Set

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