Pumkin Coffee Cake made with #Ghee Organic Clarified Cultured Butter

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I got the change to test  and try out this Ghee, its an Organic Clarified Cultured Butter - Gluten Free - OMG tastes so good. I've used it all baking and on toast!!! Let me tell you it has an incredible flavor. I did make the mistake of putting in the fridge, after  noticing the directions said cool dry place. But fixed  that,  by just removing  and leaving out and it softened right back up.

I decided to test it out in my favorite Pumpkin Coffee Cake and it was a wow factor for the cake ! All I did was replace the butter in recipe with the Ghee!! So try it in your family favorite recipe!

I mean it improved what I thought was  already good to scrumptious!!. We have really enjoyed it and  so easy to use. I love that it's gluten free also.


What is Ghee?
Ghee (the Sanskrit word for clarified butter) is a central component of Ayurveda, an Indian holistic healing system that dates back thousands of years. It is also commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

How is Ghee Made?
Ghee is created by melting down cultured butter over the course of several days until only butterfat remains. The result is a unique, highly-nutritious oil with a high smoke point and great taste that is ideal for frying or baking (instead of shortening), as a substitute for less-healthy cooking oils, or in bulletproof coffee.

Packaging and Shelf Life
We package our ghee in glass jars, so it stays as fresh as possible and is free of any chemicals (like BPA) that may leach from plastic containers. Since the cooking process removes all water content from the ghee, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, even after opening.

How To Use Ghee
Ghee can be used as a replacement for butter or any cooking oil (e.g. coconut, olive, canola, etc.). It is often used with popcorn, eggs, and rice. It can also be used to sauté vegetables or prepare a steak. Many nutritionists and fitness professionals recommend ghee as an excellent source of energy, good fat, and vitamins. Beyond eating, ghee can also be used directly on the skin as a massage oil, bath oil, moisturizer, or even to sterilize cuts, burns, and scrapes and help the wounds heal.

Our Happiness Guarantee
We are proud to offer the best ghee on the market today, and we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, simply contact us to process a full refund.