Never Buy Chives Again !!

Never Buy Chives Again !!
I wanted to set the record straight. Ive seen alot of articles online about never buying green onions again with this method, but in reality your not growing onions- your growing Chives!

The Onion - is at the bottom the white bulb
The Chives - is the long green stock on top

When you place your bunch of green onions in a jar with water and place in the fridge, what grows is the long green stalks on top ( the Chive) you snip thse and use them in your recipes and salads.

So this is pretty easy right? Just change the water weekly. Also you can freeze the chives after you cut them. I like to cut them again into little peices, pop in a baggy and freeze. Great for recpes when you need that onion flavor soups, stews and more !

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