Easy Recipes for Everyday Cooking!

I just love Olive Gardens Tuscan Zuppa Soup. But we live an hour away , so with a little time I created this recipe that tastes so  much better ! 

Home Made Febreeze
1. Empty Spray Bottle
2. 1/4 Cup of Fabric Softner
3. Fill the Rest with Water and Shake
4. Ready to Use just like you use Febreeze

Make 6 Monthts worth for about $9 = $1.50 a Month !!
I save about $482 a Year Making my Own !

Makes about 4-5 Pint Size Jars for around $3
( Picture Coming Soon )
Makes 6 Servings - Only 6 Ingredients!
Aprox Cost $1 each Serving !

Home Made Vanilla Extract
To a Small Jar with a Lid add Vodka and whole Vanilla Beans. Shake each day for about 3 weeks
the longer you do it the darker it gets and more robust. Use as you would Vanilla and Enjoy not spending huge amounts again  on pure vanilla extract.

This is one of  my fun time recipes - you can make the eggs any color to match
the seasons or holidays !

More Fun Frugal Recipes to come !
Check back often

1 Cup Salt
1 Cup White Flour
1 Cup Water
Food Coloring
Mix Well and put in the Containers !