Awesome Grill Master's Secret for the Perfect Steak, Chicken and More ! #MasterTheGrill

Smart Instant Read Meat Thermometer w/ Dual Probe ~ A Grill Master's Secret Weapon For Grilling For  Cooking For Perfect Steak, Chicken And More From My Stunning Abode

Am I the only one who gets super excited over kitchen gadgets and tools? I received this oh so neat product from Its a Kitchen thermometer w/dual probe. Totally works so much different than any other thermometer I have ever used.

We do alot of grilling in our catering business and we have tried so many themometers it would make your head spin. By Far I love this one and I like once test the temp, I can turn the item also on the grill. Its easy to clean also. The large digital display is great for my eyes - no more squinting and, truthfully its big enough I do not loose it all over the place  ( gulp- another story )

This Stunning Abode's instant-read digital thermometer, takes  the guesswork out of grilling to the perfect rare, med rare and more. 

Product Details.... 

  • Large digital instant-read display lets you clearly see the internal temperature of any meat (Batteries included!)
  • Preprogrammed settings for beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey deliver foolproof grilling every time
  • Four taste settings let you grill like a pro and impress your guests with cooked-to-order steak for rare, medium-rare, medium and well-done
  • Large handle and long dual probes prevent burned fingers
  • Backlit display allows easy temperature checks even at night - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - by My Stunning Abode TM

Order your instant-read thermometer today, and claim your title as Grill Master