Gluten-Free ? Grab these Dining Out Cards and Never Wonder Again !!! #triumphdining

If you have Gluten Sensitivity , then you know the hardship of dining out. I have personally witnessed my sister having this issue. It realy stinks because you no longer want to dine out in fear of gluten allergies. However we are coming along way with more gluten free products to purchase as well as a raised awareness of reasturants that are creating gluten free menu items. 
Check out these great Gluten-Free Dining Out Cards   by,  Triumph Dining that you an get for yourself, a friend or loved one. These Dining Cards allow diners to provide food service workers with the necessary information to make a Gluten-Free meal in their native language. 

  • Tailored to each cuisine. (Japanese card prohibits imitation crab, soy sauce, and tempura; Mexican card prohibits flour tortillas, etc.)
  • Takes the average chef just 1 minute to read and comprehend
  • Helps avoid cross-contamination

Laminated and portable cards fold neatly into any wallet or purse The Europen Set includes Order safely in ten languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish (Mexican), and Vietnamese

 Triumph Dining is the largest independent gluten-free publisher in North America.

team has spent thousands of hours developing the most comprehensive gluten-free restaurant guide in North America, dining cards that help you order gluten free at restaurants where language barriers can make things even more difficult, and a popular gluten-free grocery guide to help you find the groceries you need — even if you’re traveling and all that's available is a supermarket whose brands you don't know. Read More Here!

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