Lets talk about ...Blogger BULLY Bashing other Blogger's!!!

Time to just say NO !!!

The Big Taboo Topic- No Blogger talks about but sees every day. Lets talk about ...Blogger BULLY  Bashing other Blogger's

This thing we have called opinions is one thing but having your professional ways in check is so important. And having a blog never gives one permission to be a blogger bully. And I have been the victim of them many times. I just shake my head in disgust- because apparently I must be doing something right. Every day I get to get up, and do what I LOVE to do.  

I blog for my passion and pleasure and make a nice income to help support our family and  I get to do what I love each day!!!  Blogging saved my sanity after loosing my adult son tragically in 2008 and Chris would not want me to stop doing what I loved.

I do not look at other bloggers numbers and try to be like them. My Blog is not theirs and I make mine, my own.  Its been a 6 year start from the bottom of the ladder for me- and took allot of hard work. And I only plan to grow with my goals each day...The only one who can stop me is ME !

I can not preach enough that everything you do online, comments groups, etc is seen by Social Media Managers, PR Reps and Businesses. When you bash other bloggers in group pages, or leave nasty comments on their pages - all this is track able. Even if you think your leaving an anonymous comment on a blog - yes its so track able and so easy. In a matter of 1 minute I can track exactly who left the nasty uncalled message on my blog in a comment.

How many of those people with bad values and practice to " Bully" ( yes Bully other bloggers online) do PR Reps want to work with? Not many that is for sure. Watching grown women, parents bully other parents. Would you let that happen to your child at school? I bet the 100% answer would be "NO" . So why would you do it yourself?

My Best advice is when another blogger does this to you in a group forum. Keep focusing on your blog - because if you're in 100 group pages running around all day - how much blogging are you doing? How much content are you doing to enrich your blog?

Find the leaders in your niche, learn from them. Develop your own goals - every blog is different- its unique just like you, thoughts and teachings. Keep going - Never stop learning , with that you will reach success.

Blogger behavior like this, really does harm the whole blogging community. Act professional at all times - you leave your social foot print and smile everywhere you go- and you never know what great door will open up for you.

Now ask yourself, have I done this? If so answer only to yourself, forgive yourself, and make the steps to change it ! 

Be a Blogger Leader not a Blogger Bully !

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