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I had the opportunity to try out MindBoost Day & Night - 24 Hour Brain Boost  by Simple Smart Science. Lets face it who cant use some help creating a calm in their emotional state of well being. I know I can, with the day to day stresses of being a Mom, work and kids. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Or we wait until we are sick to realize it.  My evaluation after taking it for several days is an over all feeling of good,some what of a happy pep back in my step. It comes in two bottles , one for day use and one to take at night. I was not leary of giving it a try as the company has more than 80 years of combined scientific research experience, much older than I have been alive ! I did not have any ill side effects and will continue to take them. 

The Super Ingredient " Bacopa Monneiri" 
When Simple Smart Science began the journey of improving the original MindBoost Day formula we knew our super hero ingredient was going to be ginko biloba and we needed to find that special sidekick – the one that compliments without overshadowing. One that when added to the formula would push it over the edge in terms of health and performanc

About Simple Smart Science
We combine the latest research and clinical results to create cutting edge products that help you become the best version of yourself - version 2.0, if you will. Our mission is to identify areas were big leaps in performance in every area of your life can be achieved and then give you products that take you there. Read more here and meet the team

Product Description

  • Ultimate Human Performance - MindBoost was created specifically to increase your performance across all domains. Not just improvements in your memory, focus, and attention, but improved brain performance overall. Every system in your body - from your nervous system to your digestive to your immunity system is controlled by your brain.
  • Your overall health is controlled by your brain. This includes your emotional state as well.When your brain is healthy and performing your overall health is improved.
  • With more than 80 years of combined scientific research experience, our team created a powerful daytime formula and a safe, effective nighttime formula that gives your brain everything it needs to rest and then rejuvenate while you sleep. This combination will help your brain achieve a healthier state and perform at its best.

MindBoost Day & Night is the only complete 24 hour cycle
 brain health supplement available today.
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