My DIY Detox Bath !!

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With being sick for the past 9 days, and feeling like I just could not get over the hump. My friend suggested last night I try a detox bath. Well , maybe she has something there so today I decided to do my own DIY Detox Bath - sure beat spending $100's at a Spa.

Mine Consisted of 

  • Epsom Salt with Lavender
  • Baking Soda

* I put about 2 Cups of each to a hot bath and soaked away for about 40 minutes. Then after proceeded with a 5 minute cooler shower to rinse away any toxins excreted, And then drank 2 full glasses of Ice Cold Water with Lemon infused in it, to re-hydrate.

 I can honestly say I have a much better well feeling about me. Not totally back to my old perky energy , but time will tell.

Do you have a DYI Detox Bath Recipe to share? If so let us know !