Nighttime Lip Therapy Review by Sherry !

Nighttime Lip Therapy

This unique product is different than other products.  It is created to reduce the visible signs of aging found above the top lip as well as lines that develop around your mouth. I followed the instructions by washing before i used it in the morning and evening, applying it on my lips above, around and below my mouth The cream is very easy to apply and feels very refreshing leaving my Lips very soft. I did notice some lines were not as noticeable.  Which made me very Happy.
  • Ranunculus flower
  • lanolin                                                                 
  • beeswax
  • CBD oil
  • petroleum jelly
  • sulfur 30x
  • silecia 30x
  • oxyquinoline
  • sodium borate

    100% SAFE TO USE and 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE - Our products are 100% organic and all natural. 
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