How important is fitness to you? ! #BeMoreHuman

Disclosure: This post is sponsored and also contains affiliate links. However all opinions are my own.

First of all I have to say that Rebook has been my got to favorite place for my work out sneakers, work shoes and more. And now with their work out clothing line- its my all time favorite place to shop online and offline. Our kids are big in to track and having the proper work out gear is a must. Check out these great track pants by Rebook sported by my daughter and my all time favorite Reebok Sneakers. I receintly received a couple great items from Reebok for my participation the #BeMoreHuman Campaign. I received... 

 Perfect fit for running and practice times. 

Recently They’ve also created a fun quiz to tell you what kind of human you are! Now I am not so sure how that measures but here is the skinny on it. Its a cool fun quiz you take that tells you want your fitness level is. Mine turned out to be "fitness spirit" . Hey I like that almost like being a free spirit. 

You can take the  #BeMoreHuman quiz by clicking here . Be sure to comment below with your results, I would love to know them !