Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic Review #microbiomeplusheart

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Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic Review 

About Product: Microbiome Plus+ Heart uses professional grade and quality ingredients: -Full recommended daily dose of omega-3 -Sourced from nature and allergen free -Bioavailable formats -From renewable and sustainable sources Microbiome Plus+ Heart is a more complete heart health dietary supplement that provides the full American 

Heart Association daily dietary recommendation of omega-3 which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease plus the probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242, which supports normal cholesterol levels and inflammatory response.  The probiotic in Microbiome Plus+ Heart is the only probiotic shown in clinical trials to support healthy bile metabolism and maintain normal cholesterol levels and inflammatory response.* Microbiome Plus+ Heart also provides the full American Heart Association daily dietary recommendation of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have also been shown to maintain healthy triglyceride levels.

"As I have gotten a bit older, I have been paying closer attention to my heart health. I have family history of heart problems from a father and brother who both had heart attacks at an early age. Kinda like one of those wake up calls. So when asked to review Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic, I did some research on probiotics and found the benefits of it were really helpful. Now I can honestly say that right now I do not have any issues with my heart, cholesterol. But I do have a tendency to have high blood pressure at time, not enough to need any medication. More on the controlling my stress level. I am hoping that it will help with that but time will tell as I think you need to be taking probiotics to show good results."