GNS Lightning Series 18000mAh Premium Wireless Power Bank / Travel Charger #ad #Review #GNSGoodsPortableChargers

I received this GNS Lightning Series 18000mAh Premium Wireless Power Bank / Travel Charger to review. Its a pretty good size flat charger that would be great to carry in your back pack, brief case or even your purse. It operates pretty simple- just charge it up , as you can see it comes with a little USB Cord to charge it from your lap top.  You can also charge it using a wall charger with that port. The first time you charge it you wait for all 4 lights to blink up to be charged. This took about a good 45 minutes to get to .  I was able to charge my iPhone with it afterwards pretty fast to bring that back to a full charge. Instructions state that it will fully charge an iPhone6 up to 6-8 times before the device itself needs to be charged up.  I think the design is pretty sleek and professional looking so its something you charge your devices with in an office meeting as well. I always like to have a portable charger with me fully charged, because its not always convenient or possible to find a wall charger. These work really good for us on our camping and boating trips also. Always have something to charge our cell phones on. 

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