Healthy Faces pH Test Strips Review

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Today lets talk about keeping your bodies pH level in tact is so important? If your pH levels are not in line, neither are you it appears.  You know when you go into the doctors and they do testing where they ask you to give a sample in a cup and test. This is one of the many tests you do. If you are testing your pH levels at home, I wanted to introduce a product to you that gives you super fast accurate results. You can test them with your saliva or urine. I happen to prefer my saliva.

Why is your pH balance important?

The goal of an alkaline diet is not to raise the pH of the blood. The goal of the alkaline diet is to prevent the body from having to regulate its pH balance. Consuming an alkaline diet, we allow our bodies the function properly without out having extra work trying to balance out our cellular environment to keep us alive.

Healthy Faces pH Test Strips are available to purchase online here. They are priced reasonable and when I tried them out the results were right on with some other brand I had in the house. My results were very fast.

Below is a little hands on video of the product I received so you can get an up close look . 

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