Oh YES #SleepIsComing with Nodicals New Bed #Giveaway

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post with Nodical Bed and New Thought Marketing. All opinions are my own"

I am sitting here thinking " when is the last time I bought a new mattress for my bed"? EEKS ... NEVER is the shameful answer I have..  I think the one I my bed was donated after college some twenty something years ago ? OMG this is so sad, it is no wonder I wake up all crabby every morning, stiff and hurting and feeling like I went to the prom every night over and over again . 

Well guess what ? I need a  new BED !! I am laughing here because in my early 20's something, a bed was the last thing on my mind. I wanted more things like clothes, shoes and purses !!  Well I am now in my 40's and lord have my priorities changed . I want sleep as a Mom - I want to to wake up like in the commercials we all see, no bags under the eyes, feeling refreshed, jumping up to the day... 

I am finally so going to get that with Nodical " Say bye bye to your old mattress and hello to the best sleep of your life with the new luxurious memory foam mattresses available from Nodical "

So your probably asking what is Nodical ,  and what makes Nodical so different is. Nodical's proprietary Energex memory foam and ThermaGel beads are the secret to their luxurious beds, and why the competition doesn't even come close in terms of quality.

They have also thought of everything for just about every type of sleeper. From hot and cold to toss and turn - I am totally going to get one of these and can not wait. Having it shipped right to my front door saves me time searching in stores. ( Dreaming of that comfort) like you find in hotels that you go away to and wonder how you have lived with your current mattress! And if I do not like it, they will come pick it up and give me a refund , with no questions asked !

The team behind the creation of Nodical beds are experts that have been making foam of all kinds for 60 years.There a better and easier way to buy a new mattress. 

Nodical understands that the one size fits all approach doesn';t work, so they developed three mattresses to suit your unique sleeping style.

The Contour is perfect for those that sleep hot, toss and turn, have erratic sleep cycles, and struggle to fall asleep. This bed is a great choice in particular for both pregnant and menopausal women.

The Restore is perfect for those with muscle soreness and joint pain, interrupted sleep patterns, and light sleepers. This bed is a great choice for dedicated athletes that push themselves to the limit every day and need a bed to support their active body.

The HD is perfect for those that suffer from aches, pains and temperature fluxuations, feel like they are in a sink hole in their current bed, or have a restless partner. This is Nodical's most luxurious mattress as it is 12" deep (two inches more than the others) and is great for anyone who wants that extra depth. This bed is also a great choice for individuals that are big and tall and need more support than a traditional mattress offer

  • Nodical's memory foam is latex free, and is made from plant-based oils and minerals.
  • Each Nodical bed comes with 10 year warranty that provides 100% replacement coverage in the rare case of a defect.
  • Studies have shown that memory foam beds are better for sex than traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Nodical beds are made entirely in the US, from the foam for the bed (Georgia) to the high quality knit cover (North Carolina).
  • The mattress covers are beautiful designed, and can easily be unzipped and removed for washing if need

to celebrate their launch. You don't want to miss this one  ! 

1.  Visit the Nodical Bed website to access the entry form
2.  Submit your email address and name
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Prizes -1 of 3 Nodical foam mattresses (winner chooses style and size)

Winners will be selected at random.Contest dates - 5/11/2015 through 6/8/2015
So head on over to Nodical for a chance to win a new bed and be sleeping like a baby !