Pill Terminator Safely and Quickly Dispose of Unwanted Medications from your home ! #ad #Review #PillTerminator

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of mentioned product to review. However, all opinions are 100% my own. 

I am not sure how often you get ride of old prescription medications in your home. I know I am bad about tossing a bottle in the medicine cabinet and forgetting its there, then as time goes by you have old expired medication to get rid of. The old way was to simply flush it down the toilet. But, we now know that these substances are bad for our environment - the ground, water, and air around us. Most sewage treatment plants do not have the capabilities to clean out the thousands of chemicals that get into the waste stream from home plumbing, and when you flush old medications - this is where it ends up, in our local sewage treatment centers ! 

I was sent a sample bottle of Pill Terminator to try out review and its as easy as it states to use. Just fill with your old medication, add warm water, shake and throw away. It turns into a gel like substance. I was able to put a fairly large quantity in the bottle of different pills. the instructions state to not open it. But for review purposes I did and it really does turn a very foul smell that no one would want. I found it to be very effective, fast and easy safe way to dispose of pills from my medicine cabinet that should be properly disposed of. I recommend everyone grab a few bottles to have on hand and make it a routine, to properly and safely dispose of that old stuff you have laying around. Also to protect your kids from accidental overdose! 

I created a short video of the product and how to use below !

Pill Terminator is specially formulated to meet FDA and EPA 

Product Description
Pill Terminator is a solid resin case with a child resistant cap.
• Pour your expired and / or unwanted medications into the bottle, add warm water, and close the child resistant cap.
• Shake well for a five seconds and throw the container into the trash.
Pill Terminator begins physically destroying the medications.
• The instructions are not to reopen the child resistant cap. However should anyone do so, Pill Terminator presents safeguard deterrents in the form of a mud like consistency, an unpleasant odor ( undetectable while the cap is closed, and a repellent taste.)

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