MAGnet Gun Caddy #Review #MAGnetGunCaddy #ad " A Smarter way to rest your gun" !!!

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Being with a man who is a  shooting instructor and competitor for 20+ years, who better to call in to help with this hands on honest testing and review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

He is always such a great sport no matter what I ask of his many talents.

Test and Review..... 

First and most important  - Safety First as stated clearly on the packaging and website !!
The MAGnet Gun Caddy is not intended for use with a loaded gun.

It is actually a relatively small and easy to store accessory. The device employs a solid magnet encased in plastic, which is joined to a pair of high density foam "fingers" which expand to wrap around a gun barrel then close back up, causing a gripping action on most barrels. 

The usefulness of this device becomes readily apparent when you use it to lean a rifle or other long gun up against a car or truck. I often find myself shuffling around at matches looking for a place to put an uncased weapon while unloading other accessories needed from the vehicle.

Check out his hands on video review below !

This little whiz, solved my problem immediately. Another occasion which became a great example is that I now have a place at the local trap range for my shotgun in between rounds, other than laying my fairly expensive Over and Under in the bed of my truck or across the front seat. 

And just for fun...

I quickly discovered that it has alternative uses as well, finding it to be a great device for holding up a push broom in my enclosed trailer. (Yes, the trailer is for hauling guns when its not being used for catering or recreation, we conserve spending by finding alternative uses for everything). 

                              Yes I highly recommend this handy accessory. 
                               As well as a  great buy at just $12.95 + Shipping

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