Why I allow my Tween's and Teen's the Freedom to Express themselves....

When my children are little it was me who had total control over what they wore, what they ate , play dates and scheduling of everything. I remember how fun that used to be and they came the tween days. My Girls were so much taking over from everything, and I get no say. But reality is that they are growing in so many ways and I am a firm believer in letting them express their freedom to grow explore and be themselves.

Sometimes its hard when we go out and when I get that dreaded look from others when one of the girls has bright pink or green hair with unmatched socks. There are days I want to crawl under the shopping cart, but I have learned one thing.

My kids are expressing who they are and if I take that away , I firmly feel that I am molding them to what I want, and not letting them be who they are. I also learned they do grow out of things and soon the green hair fades and then the pretty matching outfits come back in ( or sometimes not) but that's totally OK with me .

Allowing my kids the freedom to choose their clothes, even when I’m tempted to walk just a little ahead of them at the stores. 

Allowing them the right to personal expression is so very important factor to allowing them to become the person they are comfortable with. I totally support them, and yes have even allowed them to dye my hair blue once just to show them that I support them. 

Even the youngest is starting to express himself and I wouldn't change it for the world !! 

As a Mom I want my kids to respect me, and in order to do that I must be able to show respect for their choices too.. It could be worse than green hair !!