ThyroControl Thyroid Supplement #Review

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Feeling tired and "blah?" Having a hard time losing weight? It might be your thyroid. Our all-natural thyroid complex contains ingredients believed to promote healthy thyroid function and ease the temporary symptoms associated with lethargy, irritability, forgetfulness, weight gain and more!

ThyroControl Thyroid Supplement 
Contains Vitamin B12, thought to support normal functioning of the nervous system and brain; KELP, believed to promote healthy weight loss; ASHWAGANDHA ROOT, linked with stress reduction; and BLADDERWRACK HERB EXTRACT, thought to reduce cellulite and foster a healthy body weight. 

I was given the opportunity to test this product out , and I found that I do have much more energy to get through my day. Normally I am really sluggish by 7 at night but I found that I was not with taking this product. I had no side effects and will continue to take and update as needed on this posting. 

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