Ultra White© Teeth Whitening Gel Review #ultrawhite

Disclosure: This blog  received products mentioned for no charge for testing and review purposes only. However, all reviews and opinions are my own.

Today I received the Ultra White© Teeth Whitening Gel to test out and review. One thing you must know up front about this product is, you must already have your teeth cleaning molds, this does not come with it. Fortunately for me I have a set of silicone ones that I had made last year. I love that I can do my teeth whitening at home and forgo the expenses at the dental office - huge savings on my budget each year. 

The box comes with 5 teeth whitening gel syringes. This product is very easy to use. I started by simply brushing my teeth. Then I applied  2 thin lines to your molds and place over your teeth for 30 minutes. I did notice I had some big time tingling to start with, but subsided with in 3 minutes. Product suggests that you repeat this process every 7-12 days to achieve desired whiteness of your teeth.  

You can also wear that at night while you sleep, however 30 minutes was just enough for me. And, because I do not like to wear my teeth cleaning molds to sleep in. 

I feel  I got some pretty good results from this product after just one use so far compaired to other products I have tried. Ultra White© Teeth Whitening Gel  worked the best for me! 

You can purchase yours today to try out - Click Here to Purchase Today !

Please be sure to let me know how it works for you, come back and leave us a comment and we love pictures too !